Utah - Arches National Park

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The park comes alive at sunset and sunrise.  At other times of the day, the sun washes out most pictures; if all you have is the middle of the day, take a polarizing or warming-polarizing filter along.

Be careful where you set your tripod - the cryptobiotic crust is right at trailside...

Film:  Unless you are photographing at sunrise or sunset, use a saturated, warming film to restore some of the washed-out color.  Speed is sometimes an issue - beware the morning and evening breezes which can whip up even the stiffest desert sagebrush into a raging swirl of green-brown, and beware the dim light of the fin canyons, especially in Fiery Furnace.  On the other hand, if you are photographing out in the open, you do not want your film too fast or the sun will ruin your shots. 

What to Photograph, and When: