Utah - Zion National Park

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Kolob Overlook

Zion Canyon is a paradise in the desert.  From its steep walls, ancient water trickles, feeding Maidenhair Ferns and Yellow Columbine before joining the Virgin River flowing through the center of the canyon floor.  In other sections of the park, tributary streams have carved fantastic slot canyons, and wind has eroded the landscape into eye-catching shapes.

This park appeals to a broad range of visitors.  Sightseers can be swept away by the views along the scenic drive.  Hikers can take a leisurely stroll down the river, hike to scenic ponds, make strenuous climbs to scenic overlooks, or get out the topo map and GPS for a hike in the backcountry.  Climbers have a selection of challenging and scenic routes.  And for the Canyoneer, the park offers everything from beginning strolls through highly-technical adventures.  Photographers will not be shorted of excellent scenery either.

Chances are, if you haven't found something of what you're looking for at Zion, you haven't looked far enough.