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The FaeRealm accesses many other worlds and alternate dimensions. Here you will find maps of fantastic worlds, details of races unknown on Earth, and tales of great adventure. Check back often!

Eberron Eberron is the latest Dungeons and Dragons campaign world from Wizards of the Coast. With its rich history, advanced magical setting, and more realistic "gray" view of ethics, it promises to be the best AD&D world to date. To help this world on its way, I have created my own Eberron section here.
Stormhaven Stormhaven is an island complex designed to fit into a larger fantasy world. It is an isolated land populated by unfortunates lost at sea. Stormhaven offers many opportunities for nautical adventures, as well as the opportunity to tame the land of monsters. An ancient power is rumored in the North, but few venture to that section of the island.
Loralon Loralon is a High Fantasy world consisting of several continents:

Loralia is a classic High Fantasy land, peopled with many races. It has a long history and is a relatively stable land in the main.

Arkonia is a land of strife. An ancient jungle dominates the North, and from it issue recurring plagues of an evil nature. Ancient cultures dominated the North prior to the coming of the plagues, and the strongest of these survive (while the weaker have left behind many ruins). The cultures of the South are varied and often in conflict, yet only together can the people of the land stave off the coming wave of plague creatures.

The land of Tentra is largely unexplored - only legends of its inhabitants remain on the other continents of Loralon.

Kal-ondra is a land of deeply divided landscape. An ancient, pseudo-Egyptian culture thrives in the southern deserts, while over the mountains to the North a humanoid lizard race thrives in the swampy jungles. A large population of Fae may be found in the wild forests away across the plains to the West.
Venture over to the world of Evernight - an online strategy game by my previous employer, VR1/Jaleco Entertainment. Conquer the land and cast the six parts of the Black Between to unite the world behind your god, for good or for evil. Form alliances, use magic to affect the outcome of your battles. Most games run daily except on weekends, and start with 30-75 people.

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