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Eberron is the latest exciting Dungeons and Dragons campaign world officially sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast. Chosen from over 11,000 design submissions, Eberron is the brainchild of Keith Baker (a former co-worker, I'm proud to say).

Eberron focuses on a world only two years into recovery from a major continent-wide war. Magic has risen to a level approaching the wonders of a Jules Verne novel; swashbuckling is a popular pastime on the high seas; and corruption is rampant. Adventure and intrigue abound in this world, aided by the addition of Action Points to enhance your character's potential, and by the relaxation of alignment requirements. Unique new races and feats for derring-do encourage new horizons in gaming.

The following FaeRealm resources can add to your Eberron gaming experience:

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