The Realm of the Fae Folk

A world connected to all worlds, but part of none;
an ever-changing, spell-binding land of myth and merriment.

There are places on Earth that steal the breath
away with their beauty.
Others make the heart sing with gladness,
and more that overwhelm with awe.
And in others, the hand of Man has left an
indelible impression.
Other Worlds
In dreams, Man can see through the mists of Faerie
to other lands...
lands of magic and mighty deeds.
And from there inspiration comes.
Music reaches to the heart of the soul
and has since the dawn of time.
The Kindly Ones also love music,
and have inspired Man to create more.
Personal Space
Each of us has his own space,
a place to call our own,
where we are free to express ourselves.

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